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Backhoe and  Septic Pumping Services - Temple, TX

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JL Backhoe and Pumping

Ph.   254-986-2314

Cell  254-760-6460

Fax  254-986-2376

About Us

Serving Temple, Belton, Killeen, Gatesville and all of Central Texas

We have been in business since 1970. Our Business have been at its present location since 1978.

The sole owner, Jerry McClung, came to Ft. Hood in 1964. He decided when he got out of the military he wanted to live in this area and start his own business. As he says “ There is always a demand for Septic tanks and pumping services” especially with the amount of population in Central Texas that is  in  unincorporated areas not served by city sewer. Jerry is originally from Waterproof, La. He decided he didn’t want to work the oil fields like some of his family. Beside, it rain too much in La. for the type of business he wanted to start.  

The Company has been built from 1 Backhoe to its present size of 2 Backhoes, 1 Small Kubota Backhoe, 1 Ditch Witch Rock Saw, 1 Ditch Witch Chain Digger, 1 Walk Behind Ditch Witch Digger, 3 Dodge trucks, various trailers, 1 Dump Truck and 1 2,500 Gallon Pump Truck. Oh, by-the-way, if you haven’t notice, our colors are Red and White.

Jerry is licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality  as an OSSF Maintenance Provider, OSSF Site Evaluator and as an OSSF Installer.

We appreciate all of our customers that we have worked with over the past 4+ decades and look forward to meeting many more.

May God Bless

From Jerry and Janice McClung